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What are current affairs? The word Current Affairs means events of political or social interest and important happenings of the world at present time. Current Affairs is one of the most important topics for UPSC and many other examinations as a lot of questions are asked from this section every year. Here we are sharing some tips and tricks that will help you to prepare Current Affairs for UPSC.    

Aspirants should make notes of current affairs so that they can revise those notes whenever they want. The last few days before the examination are very crucial and very stressful. So, it is recommended to prepare category wise notes of current affairs so that you don’t mess-up during your study hours.

How to prepare the study Note

There are several ways to prepare study notes.
  1. Hand Written Notes
  2. Using online note-taking application.
Hand Written Notes
Making a handwritten note will be an advantage because it will also help you to build a good writing practice. There are several disadvantages of making handwritten notes. Few disadvantages are, handwritten notes are likely to fade away with time and weather conditions, it is necessary to carry the notebook everywhere, etc.

Using an Online note-taking app- Taking notes in the online note taking app will help you to read those notes anywhere and at any time. Suppose you are reading an article on a website and you found something important on that website, then all you need to do is a simple copy-paste operation.

Sources of Current Affairs
We suggest you read at least one newspaper every day. It will be better if you read a newspaper in your mother tongue and then another one in English.  Aspirants should make a habit of reading the newspaper on a daily basis as reading newspapers will keep them updated about the trending topics happening across the globe.

Read Magazines
Magazines are not the replacement of newspaper; magazines are used as supplements to your newspaper reading. Magazines need to be scanned through for relevant information and need not be read line-by-line. Some good magazines categorize articles on the basis of genres to make it easy to read.

Follow News Channel
One must watch the news every day to keep themselves updated on what is happening around the world. As of now, most of the news channels are active 24*7; so, just pick a specific time and watch the news for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Visit Websites
There are lots of websites and blogs that help you to prepare for UPSC online and other competitive examinations. Some of the websites publish daily quiz. Take such quizzes to check your level of preparation.

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